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Responsive UX template-is the modern and responsive html a template. It was developed by means of Responsive framework. The template responds all the modern of the requirement. In case of creation were used next technologies were used: HTML5, CSS3. Also in it the responsive grid, css3 animation and many other components are included. It is prepared documentation is qualitative, which will help you to use it.




Magic layout - JQuery plugin for animate blocks


I recently decided to update my website with portfolio. I wanted to create something memorable and spectacular. I had the idea to make an animation of all basic blocks, every block had to come through animation. The result is this. But I decided that this approach is suitable for a variety of websites and decided to make a simple JQuery-plugin. I want to tell about it.


Material design for Bootstrap 3

Material Design Bootstrap 3. Today we review Material Design Bootstrap 3 theme. This theme is a new skin for your website, in case if your website is built with the Bootstrap framework 3. The theme doesn’t affect the Bootstrap core. For ease of use – LESS/SASS version is provided. The standard class names are not changed, for maximum compatibility with the framework.


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